sTonED in Cyberspace


Two years ago I attended my first sTonED talks. On a small stage in a Berkeley backyard diverse speakers presented whoa-dude talks to a mostly stoned audience.

I was one of those speakers. My talk was even awarded the not-coveted “Thanks I Hated It Award”: a construction paper star hot glued to a bowling trophy. I’ve never been prouder of anything in my whole life.

It’s happening again on April 17, 2021 and you are invited. Email me if you’d like to present. All are welcome.

From: Will Rogers
Subject: sTonED in cyberspace, April 17

Fourteen full moons ago, 𝔰🅃ºᶰ🄴🄳 ȶ𝓪ℓ𝕂𝔰 ②⓪②⓪ was a final pre-COVID gathering for many of us, and what a gathering: through artificial intelligence, medical history, sex, birth, words, and bees, it transformed us all into worms in a guided meditation then transformed us into whatever it is we are now…

This year, sTonED talks is back, and it’s everywhere the internet can reach. 

…you’re invited 

Bring your most scrumptious half-baked intuitions, visions, realities. This is our RFP. 

Respond if you’d like to present, or to participate in a number of other ways, e.g.

This will be so stupid in the best way imaginable. 

April 17
Indica Afternoon Session at 2:20pm Pacific
Sativa Evening Session at 7:20pm Pacific
Location: Topia

Looking forward to seeing you virtually,

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I probably did this while stoned
Now I’m in the mood for pizza