Hangover Word of the Day I am tired and this isn’t my bed. This isn’t my head. I am a yawn wrapped in skin. I am dead numb defiant to everything but that sound is keeping me Assembly instructions for a side table Finds Months ago, I got a side table for my reading chair and gave it a single purpose: to keep beverages (coffee, mostly) within arm’s reach as I devour Crime Word of the Day This is a real sign near my house. Or at least, it’s a scribbled version of a real sign, but the language is the same. This sign lives in the Gesture Word of the Day I love all the gestures. Especially those nameless gestures we use all the time. Like the gentle mouth-closed chin nod to an office mate you’ve Nickelodeon Finds I prefer principles to rules. A well-written principle is a springboard to creativity. To me rules feel like dead-ends. (Rules are not to be Mispronunciation Word of the Day Mispronouncing words is a marker of intelligence. People smarter than I have bungled terms like assuage (uh-swayj) and flautist (flou-tist). I’ve Fame Word of the Day Dear me, I’m writing this note to save your life. If my motives seem selfish, that’s because I’m you, and you-gotta-listen-to-me letters from your Wordsmith Word of the Day As a noun, wordsmith is an acceptable (perhaps twee) way to refer to a writer of skill. As a verb, it’s a slur. I will explain. The original use of Trifle Word of the Day My mother is an excellent cook. Everyone says this, I know, but I have evidence. She grew up in India, where for women, learning to cook is both a Coffee compass Finds There’s something irresistible about this tasting map for coffee nerds. Probably because I am one. It feels equal parts scientific and homeopathic. Pepsi “Breathtaking” Finds One of my favorite collections of total bullshit. It’s worth the whole read. PDF Plug Word of the Day On paper, plug its supposed to be a one-syllable word. But in reality it sounds like a lop-sided waltz. Puh-lug. Like a planet and its tiny moon. Gift Word of the Day Last Friday, two men blocked my path on my way home from work. Using a knife, a gun, and the darkness to convince me, they requested my phone, Linen Word of the Day I have a bone to pick with the eighth track on Jimmy Buffett’s 1999 record, Beach House On The Moon. The offending song is called “Math Suks” (sic). Habanero is foreign enough Pedantry We were decompressing in Ojai, poolside to be precise, while the guest-house rabble waited for the pool to climb to its promised zenith of 80 Week Word of the Day You can do a lot in seven days. God created the heavens and the Earth and still had time for a nap. Israel and her neighbors squeezed in a military There is no daylight savings time Pedantry In what has become custom, we expect autumn with a pumpkin-spicèd admixture of relief and dread. We feel relief that short pants, sandals, and other Divide Word of the Day America is a two-headed coin. On one side is the image of a head facing left. He believes in justice, equality, and freedom of thought. On the other Pickle Word of the Day To pickle is to embalm a vegetable in the holy waters of new life. Some priests trust the sterile clarity of vinegar to silence microscopic dissent. Belonging Word of the Day Last night, I was in a land before technology. A space without belongings. A time before friend requests and fire. I meet a community of humans in a
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