White Box of Possibility, Cardboard


When I was young and stupid, coming across a box like this would have been the highlight of my week—as though God Herself had plucked the Platonic form of this shape from my mind and forged it in reality. I’m not sure what it is about a perfectly sized and shaped white carton. Even though this one is mere cardboard, it took me ages to work up the nerve to rid myself of it. And even then, I had to photograph it under lights and blog about it.

But truly it’s more than just a white box. It’s like a lottery ticket, a container of dreams and ideas and glorious visions of an arts and crafts future. It’s not so much what I did with this box, but what could have been done with it. Possibility is what this box contained.

And now it is gone. It was flimsy anyway. Were it made of balsa wood, this might have been a whole different story.