I was probably skipping twelfth grade math when I came across this wallet at the mall. I’m not sure why, but I really liked it. I liked the soft leather, the rich brownness of it, the fancy tri-fold technology, and the fact that Dockers (official provider of my khakis during that era) was involved.

But it was $50* and even today that strikes me as too much to pay for something that merely holds your money. In 20th Century dollars that’s a small fortune. I’ll never know why the former punk-ass me thought I deserved such accoutrements.

Years later, it sits unused in my closet. The tri-fold technology is obsolete; more specifically, it’s a literal pain in the ass. I now use a $10 business card holder that I picked up from Staples for my portable wealth management. That’s more like it.

Adjusted for inflation, $50 CAD in 1998 is equal to $84.64 CAD in 2022.