Tiny Bible


This Bible is smaller than a box of Tic Tacs. And there really are printed pages inside. Maddeningly unreadable pages, mind you, but you got to hand it to ’em for trying. With a magnifying glass you could actually use this to reference scripture. It contains the book of Genesis, some Old Testament, James, the Gospels, and Revelation. I’m absolutely certain that someone, somewhere is finding God with a similar copy and a microscope.

But yeah, this is my Tiny Bible. During the Jesus Watch years, the appearance of this Bible made perfect sense. I have never gotten past the first page, because I treasure my eyes and the strain is unbearable.

Plus, I have another Bible, a man-sized one, and I really should be getting back to it. Something’s about to happen to Jesus, and I’m not sure what.

Oh, and for the cool kids out there: it’s New Int.