Thermometer business card


To my knowledge, this is the first and only thermometer cum business card I have ever encountered. The black strip on the bottom has numbers which change colour as the weather changes. I haven’t been wowed by thermochromic technology since Hypercolor was battling neon for supremacy in the early nineties colour wars. (As I recall, the war was settled at the Battle of Fresh Prince.)

Although it’s an interesting gimmick, I can’t imagine why this is part of the marketing materials of a shipping company. What are they trying to say to the customer?

MSM Rep: “It’s getting hot in here, dontcha think?”

Potential Customer: “Hm.. good point. I should ship some freight to the United States immediately. Do your trucks come equipped with a power tailgate?”

MSM Rep: “Is it 80 degrees Fahrenheit in here?”

Potential Costumer: (Stares blankly.)

MSM Rep: “I mean: yeah, we got tailgates.”

To add the confusion, “MSM” has a different meaning not completely unrelated to the love that dare not speak it’s name. Is it getting hot here?