Ten Day Stories

Several years ago, my pal Richard and I embarked on an experiment. One of us would start a film script, writing as many pages as we wanted. After 24 hours, he’d send it to the other person. The next person had 24 hours to do whatever they wanted to the script: add, change, even erase and start over if you wanted to.

After nine days back and forth we’d spend the tenth day together, editing the package into something, it is hoped, worth reading.

Banana Republic

April 2010. The end of the world, a marriage proposal, and beef. Download PDF

Cecilia’s Birthday Cake

August 2010. Three friends, one ex-girlfriend, and a roof. Download PDF


September 2010. The emergency lights come on in the midst of an urban plague. Download PDF

The Ride To Sanctuary

May 2010. Two strangers share a long ride in a time before Uber. Download PDF