Tagged “Microprinciples”

The waste is what works
Tell your friends you love them
Don’t ask why
Find a new cliché
Do a little bit more than you should
Honor your opponent
Routine is doing what you want
Make your process recite-able
All words sow seeds of sway
Your days are numbered
Don’t worry about conversations before you have them
Secrets are like termites
Turn off the firehose
You do not welcome all feedback
Nothing is on fire
Decide how you want to procrastinate
Don’t get sucked into the vortex
You are not your thoughts
There is no such place as maybe
Set a stopwatch not a timer
You always feel better after a bike ride
Embrace the clunk
Reader survey results
You most definitely have a bias
Everything becomes Jessica eventually
You can’t be good at everything
Forget the thud factor
No one is coming to save you
You can’t learn to drive in a parked car
Skip to the action
The problem cannot be other people
Start without slides
Make it edible
Repetition breeds affection
Don’t leave out the impossible
You are enough
Avoid faster, cheaper, or “better”
Think plural by default
Complication accelerates knowledge loss
Your wallet doesn’t know the difference
The universe is not binary
Avoid ten-dollar words
Sip before you swig
Pursue the whole body yes
You need a little friction
All endeavor requires compromise
Murder your first born ideas
Own fewer, better things
Be careful what you get good at
Knowledge is not the same as information
Avoid zero days at all costs
Bring your adversary closer
You are what you read
Culture is what is rewarded