As historians will one day point out, I had a proclivity to buy clothes simply because I thought it would be “hilarious.”

(This is not to be confused with the hipster habit of wearing clothing ironically. When I got a pink teeshirt with a unicorn and rainbows on it, it’s because I genuinely thought it was cool.)

These same historians would dust off these sunglasses as evidence of this dangerous habit. I needed some sunglasses for running since my Ray Ban aviators were woefully ill-suited for that purpose. I was in MEC for only a few minutes when I spotted these wraparound sunglasses and chuckled out loud. When I realized they were on sale that pretty much clinched it.

Yes, these look dumb and sure, they distort light in a weird way so everything looks kind of warped through them. But they stay on my head while running. That and you have to admit they are kind of hilarious.