Brand redesign Medium post template

Hi! You’ve just emerged from the brand redesign process, that interminable semester/showdown with designers and other obviously underworked “creatives” at your company. It was a tough process, and you probably heard some really strong opinions about Avenir. But now it’s done. You’re to announce your new baby to the world.

But you’re tired. We get it. You’ve got to raise funding, keep the revenue growing, and the breakroom stocked with Lara bars. Who has time to write a blog post?

That is why The Side-Eye has produced this useful template for parents of a new brand. Here you go mom, dad, and all the investors too. (Be sure to hang on to this for the next time you change your logo for the last time.)



Today, we’re introducing a new look for (brand). Starting today, users will see an updated icon and design for (brand) on our (website/mobile app/Ello page). We couldn’t be more (thrilled/elated/cynical) about the result.

[Insert: brand video you probably paid too much for.]

This Is a Generic Brand Video, by Dissolve

When (co-founder(s)) and I started this journey, (number) of years ago, our logo represented (humble-sounding and vague value proposition), but (number) of years later, we needed a brand that better captured the remarkable way (brand) has (changed the lives of/connected the shit out of/transformed the lawns of) our users all across the (country/globe/San Francisco, mostly).

Today, we are (thrilled/elated/relieved) the fruits of our labor.

The process

This redesign was a long but thoughtful process. We listened to our customers, and our hearts, before embarking on this (gestational period of a manatee, camel, or rhino)-month long journey. There were long nights, countless redesigns, and more than a few disagreements along the way. It’s been a long road, but we learned a lot about ourselves, and we are (thrilled/elated/genuinely shocked) to be where we are now.

[Insert: Pictures of your design team in front of a wall covered with Post-It notes.]

Our cleaner, simpler design makes (brand’s primary value proposition), easier and faster than ever before. Our design team took into account every detail, from our user interface to our new logo, to ensure a cohesive experience for all our users. Today, we share our journey with you.

Our new logo, the (foreign-sounding made-up name), was a labor of love. The (foreign-sounding made-up name) conveys (home/wanderlust/efficiency/the human spirit) with just a touch of (whimsy/energy/Beyoncé).

[Insert: 3000px image of new logo]

We knew we wanted a logo that reflected (brand) — whimsical, yet sophisticated. Futuristic, yet historical. Timeless, yet evocative of whatever is hot on Dribbble right now.

At (brand) we’re more than a company. We’re a community of individuals and we each have (a story to tell/a dream to make the world a better place/a fistful of stock options); we hope that comes through in our brand new design.

OK, wrap it up

The (brand) community has evolved over the past (number) years from a place to do (your brand’s world-changing idea) to a global community of people sharing more than (huge unverifiable number) of (photos/songs/documents/orchids) every day.

We truly believe (something about storytelling, it actually doesn’t matter at this point), and today, marks the beginning of a new era of (capitalism).

[That’s capitalism folks!]