Word of the day

“Good afternoon passengers. This is a pre-boarding announcement for flight 37 to Denver. Before we begin general boarding we would like to invite all passengers with gold Advance Elite and Elite Advance and Double Elite Advance status as well as pedants, skippers of breakfast, film buffs, C-list celebrities, coke fiends, Stanford graduates, DINKS, anthropologists, people who studied abroad in college, busy people, Bullet Journal enthusiasts, Sloane Rangers, obstinate monks, owners of an Android phone, lessors of the iPhone 7, tea drinkers, coffee drinkers, patriots, anyone currently enrolled in an anger management class, anyone keeping Kosher and all those passengers planning on watching an animated film during the flight.

“Attention passengers: We are now commencing general boarding for Priority Airlines Flight 37 to Denver. At this time we ask all passengers in Group 1 to come to gate 11.

All Others
please remain seated
until your group is
called. Please have your

and boarding pass


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