We need to talk about need to talk about


We need to talk about the “need to talk about” headline.

There can’t be this many urgent conversations in the queue. I dare say we are talking about too much. About everything. Forgive the generalization, but why does Das Internet insist on announcing everything this way? And by “this” I mean with the breathy unearned urgency of a baby Thought Catalog blogger circa 2015?

Maybe we doMaybe we do

Surely we don’tSurely we don’t

A bathroom breakA bathroom break

Retirement somethingRetirement something

Wine! In an intelligent way!Wine! In an intelligent way!

Fuck offFuck off

We need to talk about COVID-19 again? When did we stop talking about it?

I will certainly admit that wine conversations are trending dumb. Is it a crisis? We don’t need to talk about anything.

This is a tired Snowclone.