Word of the day

I love all the gestures. Especially those nameless gestures we use all the time. Like the gentle mouth-closed chin nod to an office mate you’ve walked by for the fifth time in a day. Or the flimsy smile and inch-wide wave you offer when someone hastily introduces you in a group. Even while driving, there’s the reflexive rise of two fingers from the steering wheel when two cars pass on a rural road.

My head is full of gestures thanks to my friend Anthony Ferraro who recently released an album of the same name. Tony’s gestures are numbered, not named, and deeply beautiful.



As an aside, the titles on Spotify look different because their engineers couldn’t stomach track numbers in a song title. As a UX writer, I am too familiar with dysfunctional naming compromises because “databases.” My sympathies always lie with the artist.

But I digress. These are my gestures, also not named, expressed to the best of my abilities.

What it is What it says
One finger point It’s over there
Four finger point Your nearest exit may be behind you
Four finger point downward Why don’t you have a seat right there
Shallow shrug and exhale I don’t know, man
Deep shrug and inhale I’ve asked that same question and I don’t like the answer
Palm against invisible wall Hol up
Arm out, palm down It was yea high
Arm out, palm up, shaking head I mean, just look at it
Doff of the cap M’lady
Single finger near face I have a thought on this
Single finger raised above head I’d like to say something
Single finger moving forward slowly Let me stop you right there
Single finger, arm fully outstretched Prepare to be mansplained
Prayer hands on lips I need to stop reading the news
Fingers on temples with wince He said what?
Two palms up with mouth twist I really don’t know, either sounds to me
Two palms up with eye roll I don’t care, just choose something
The tentative fork with cocked head Can I have a bite of that?
Palm slap on the table, look around Should we… get the check?
Outstretched arm, cupped fingers wagging Let me see that
Double palms waving in Get ova here
Single palm, flapped down Get outta here
Slow silent grimace That must have hurt
Double hand fan with shaking head No, no thank you, I hate karaoke
Forehead to pit of elbow This is a dab, son
Forearm up, two fingers split Peace