Ear clip


Why does one keep that which one does not need? What few explanations there are disappoint: the item’s existence sparks warm memories; or it promises to prove useful someday; or it is a gift and therefore can never be destroyed.

A different reason justifies my keeping this ear clip designed for a Bluetooth earpiece, namely, that it looks downright Cardassian. This won’t make sense to anyone that avoided DS9, so if you had a thriving social life between 1993 and 2000 you can stop reading now.

But for those familiar with wormhole politics, or princely diction of Commander Sisko, or the eye-popping-for-the-time CGI of Odo’s too-rare shape shifts, or have ever asked, “why are Bajorians such bitches all the time?”, or noticed that Siddig El Fadil changed his name to Alexander Siddig in season 4, or had the thought “Really?” upon the introduction of Thomas Riker then surely you must admit—this artefact just screams Dominion War-era art deco does it not?