A review of Dolores Park, San Francisco


I knew San Francisco was home to America’s most distilled varietals of weirdos, hipsters, Segway enthusiasts, slam poets, circus freaks, crack-smoking millionaires, et. al., but I didn’t realize I’d find them all assembled on the slopes of Dolores Park. There is so much going on in this park I couldn’t keep my head from rotating in every direction. Most my of sentences started with “is that guy actually…?” before trailing off into a bemused stare.

Every city park has their typical clientele (beardos with djembes), but at Dolores Park I saw people doing things that I didn’t even know were things. These are people for whom unicycling would be considered too mainstream.

I witnesseth with mine own eyes:

There are any number of interesting vendors in the park too. From a friendly girl in a polka-dotted pinafore selling cookies and a burly ganjaman with a rhyming pitch dragging around a cooler to laypersons casually offering cocaine or acid. You can buy anything there. (Including popsicles!)

The best thing about this park is that it’s spacious and filled with characters. When you look around, you come to understand that these are the people that makes San Francisco such a mesmerizing and electric town.