Those eyes. The girl in the Lichtensteinian backdrop of this uni-dollared novelty gift is clearly horrified though it’s not clear precisely at what. I received this gift in a holiday stocking (along with a blue unicorn) and like the aghast halftone ginger, I was a bit confused.

You can’t tell by looking but these Labradors are more than just clones of one another. They are stretchy. The reason for this is unknown and not elucidated by the packaging. The packaging does tell us that three-year-olds should avoid this product, that the creators have an puntastic sense of humour and that there are at least seven other versions of these things. Not really much to go on.

We can safely assume however that anyone who designs lab-made Labs sold in packaging that resembles an Erlenmeyer flask —that stretch no less—is a total psychopath. Maybe that’s what that redhead is screaming about.