Circle wristwatch


My grandfather gave me this advice about Indian people: “Never let anyone know you like something.” It’s true. Tell your doting aunt that you like her chana masala and a heaping scoopful will be delivered on your plate in no time. Tell her that you’re full and she won’t care. “You like this,” she will say, and there’s really no arguing with that.

I came upon this watch similarly.

On my last visit to India, I noticed my cousin’s husband wearing this. I looked over and my eyelids eversoslightly flickered with interest.

“Do you want it?”

“Oh, no, really. I just thought it looked cool.”

“Are you sure?”

“Yes, really.”

Repeat the above exchange about thirty-seven times, add one gracious and exhausted acquiescence on my part and that’s how I ended up with this beaut. I don’t even wear watches. But as I have since learned, among family in India you must be careful not to let your gaze linger too long in one direction.