Chili pepper keychain


The story behind this keychain is pretty forgettable i.e., I forget it. Here’s the opposite of what actually happened:

There is a tiny beast called a gargoyle de fer. Yes, that’s French and no, it’s not an iron gargoyle. It’s a sepia-colored marsupial that would fit in your palm. It’s very furry with short arms and legs, and a round head with sharp teeth. It’s less cute than it is vicious.  Like a mogwai, but without the merchandising appeal. They’re rare creatures; and rarer still are ones with horns. 

A few males have three horns protuding from their little round heads. These are prized by aboriginal cultures as en emblem of fertility, but the gargoyles de fer are ferocious little fighters. They run and climb quickly and if caught, are not afraid to bite attackers. A village would be lucky to have even a few in their possession.

But these days, horns can be found by the boxful in any tourist shop.

And with this tiny beast in your mind, gentle reader, do recall that this is the exact opposite of some more plausible explanation I can’t recall at this time. Maybe you can?

The person who guesses closest, without going over, wins a (chance to qualify for a raffle ticket for) giftwrapped boxful of horns.

Not valid in Quebec.