Cheerios: Part 2


Sure, I’m big thrower-outer now, but I wasn’t always this way.

Exhibit A: a pair of anaglyph glasses from 1989. Plucked out of a box of Honey Nut Cheerios so I could decipher a cartoon on the back of the box. Presumably the Cheerios honeybee (now called BuzzBee) was up to some hijinks in the third dimension, and these glasses were the only thing that allowed one to enjoy the tableau as it was meant to be seen.

The cartoon sucked, but I considered what would happen should I come across another stereoscopic image. As a child, I was always on the lookout for extra-dimensional artwork and I could imagine nothing worse than being caught unawares; without specs and stuck in worthless 2D. Not only that: the red part would prove handy to decode ’secret’ messages (usually also found on cereal boxes). So I held on to these things. For twenty years.

It’s now the future, and my need for depth in art has waned significantly. Only a few days after throwing these out I found a stereoscopic image online in want of some glasses. Strange how that happens.

† I inadvertently wrote about this same artifact twice.