Blue belt


Back when I was wearing 29” leg (yes, leg) jeans from Randy River, this belt was just the thing to complete my mid-90s baggy tween-grunge look. “Screw your traditional belts!” I probably raged, whilst listening to the Presidents of the United States of America and, no doubt, No Doubt.

I bought this thing. With my own money. And as soon as I got it home the realization hit me: this belt is pretty blue. And not a shade of blue that should be encircling one’s waist. It may have been the ’90s but man, I didn’t want to look that stupid. I wore it twice.

Fun fact: my XXXL leg jeans were equipped with a “secret pocket” just below the crotch. I was so naive, I assumed it was there to stow the folded up answers to an exam or test. It would be years before I knew what the word stash really meant.