Betta buffet pellets


Let me use this opportunity to state that the pronunciation of betta is, unquestionably, exactly how it looks: /ˈbɛtə/.

Bet-ah. Kind of, you know, exactly how it looks. Why a million people pronounce it like the Greek letter is beyond me. Is it the influence of frats? High speed electrons? Regression analysis? Just plain stupidity?

These are the pellets my erstwhile fish used to eat. I’m not sure what the “buffet” in the name is all about. Bettas only eat one pellet per day, if that. If my estimates are correct, this container is enough food to feed 80 bettas every day for a year. 

At any rate, my fish hated the stuff and spit out every pellet after only a few nibbles. The bulimic beta is no longer with us, and I’m trying to unload this pellet buffet. Hungry?