Just like, everything.

There’s a lot of random stuff I do. Here’s a little map.

Things to read

Word of the day
Short essays based on a word. What I’m actively writing these days.

Sharp opinions about things that don’t matter.

If Seinfeld were a serial cop Show
Pretty self-explanatory actually.

Things to look at

This is not coffee
This is not coffee.

Do you prefer your GIF chunky or smooth?

Choice examples of talented handwriting.

Photographs taken with a document scanner.

Keep It One Hundred
Everything I’ve liked on on the ‘gram.

Old projects

Full disclosure Friday
I once started an all-caps social media tradition. This is the hall of fame.

Julia out of Context
Shards of Julia without context.

A thanks-I-hated-it award winning talk I gave in Phil’s backyard.

Ten day stories
Short screenplays written ping pong style.