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Don’t ask “can everyone hear me” on Zoom

“Make every word tell.”
The Elements of Style

According to Wadsworth’s Constant the first 30% of a YouTube video is useless filler. Don’t be a YouTube video. Skip to the action. Some stories shine when you dispense with the setup.

Leading with action helps people understand why they should care.

“The bride decked the maid of honor at the wedding last weekend.”

Sometimes context and details can get in the way:

“I was at a wedding last weekend, in Jacksonville, and it got heated because the bride and her high school friends have had a very interesting history ever since…”

You can lead with the action and then fill in the gaps.

Ditto with work presentations. (Start without slides by the way.) This is the typical way:

Instead, you could try:

The sooner you get to the action, the sooner you get to the point.