Be careful what you get good at


“You’re always practicing something.”
–Adrienne Maree Brown

Never do anything you detest. It’s tempting to declare “no pain, no gain” but activities that rot your wellbeing can lead to suffering. And you should avoid suffering.

There are reasons to do things you detest:

Whether they are worthy reasons is up for debate. But there is one potent hazard of doing things you detest: You get good at them.

Even the tiniest effort makes you better at a craft (Avoid zero days at all costs), and increased aptitude leads to rewards and recognition—two of your brain’s favorite snacks.

Now your brain wants to give it attention, which intensifies the cycle (You are what you read). The object of your disaffection is becoming your identity. You are developing an addiction to something you hate.

Be careful what you get good at.